Self Love Activation – Free Healing


Self love is the key to unlocking a life of abundance in all areas. Without it we are constantly working against ourselves, standing in the way of our own development and growth, whether or not we are aware of it. For you this may be inhibiting growth or self advancement by constantly self deprecating, or sitting on the fence and standing in the way of reaching for a better life because of self-doubt, or being stuck and staying that way due to a lack of self confidence, or it may be in a completely different, deep seated subconscious way. If you have been trying to change your life and finding the path is blocked the first barrier to overcome is lack of self love. Not loving yourself keeps you stagnant. A true deep understanding, acceptance and love of the self will propel you into a life of growth, abundance and fulfilment. All the great spiritual teachers of our age understand and preach this concept. Every life coach worth seeing, every spiritual guide will tell you self-love is the only way. It is essential and will propel you forwards in life acting as the pivotal point that keeps you whole, and moving forward no matter where you are in life, or what may come your way.

To date I have had hundreds of clients and have learnt that we all in one way or another struggle in this area, and so in order to aid your development I have created these self love activation healings, which I am offering free of charge to everyone that wants to heal. I ask that you watch the healing videos on this page before we begin our sessions so that this barrier is on the way to being broken once we begin. Be open to healing and let love in.

My First Self Worth Video I made is the  Most popular one. This one is on my face book merakilight page. Please look through my videos on my merakilight page and search for self worth video. about an 1 hour long.

My  Second self worth video done in the MNTS of Joffre Lakes. This video is about an 1 hour long.


With love and light,

Chris Parr.